Summer Institute

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Leadership takes on many facets – how we choose to lead impacts those around us and those to come after us. Making change is too large for one person, school, or district to do alone. Each of us operates in a system that would benefit from questioning the status quo, putting humanity at the core of our work and continuously plugging for hope. This can only be done when we join together to learn from one another to influence our thinking. Instead of letting the system define us, it is time we define the system – together. This is leadership without walls – being willing to not stand in our own way and unite with others to impact the heart of education. It is time to redefine the impossible.

Join us to work collectively with leaders across the state to identify issues, collaboratively problem-solve and strengthen advocacy.

Featured Speakers include Cornelius Minor and his wife, Kass! Find out more about them here! Or even here.

Sessions will attend to the following strands: Collaborative Advocacy, Reflective Practitioner, Daring Leadership, and Strategic Problem-Solving. Space is limited. An urgent RSVP is highly suggested. For additional information please contact Jennifer Townsend or Holly Gillam

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