Literacy in Action

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How do we learn?  How do we grow?  We learn and grow through a community of practice. And we are inviting you to join our community of practice.

On June 12–13 the CLC | Literacy in Action will host a dynamic professional development experience for classroom teachers and instructional leaders to transition between learning and reflective opportunities through the skilled facilitation of a lab classroom. Participants will travel through a progression of learning by observing classroom practices in action, trying strategies with support, and growing into the application of new teaching practices within classrooms. Specifically, participants will observe and engage in either a reading workshop and/or word study experience in the morning followed by reflecting and learning together in the afternoon.

During lab site experiences, participants will dance between learning and reflective opportunities centered around word study instruction or a reader’s workshop. Lab sites progress through an inquiry stance — pre-briefing to prepare the learning community for observation, participation within the lab classroom environment, and then debriefing to make meaning from the experience. Participants are not only learners in this experience but also active members of the CLC Community of Practice. Participants will receive collegial feedback and support for their implementation plan of word study or workshop instruction.

Join us in taking a closer look at word study, a reading workshop, or even both. Space is limited. An urgent RSVP is highly suggested. For additional information please contact Jennifer Townsend or Holly Gillam

Tickets available via Eventbrite. Tickets for June 12-13th.